Reimagining Entrepreneurship


AES 2021

Growing income inequality, poor or declining educational systems, unequal access to affordable health care and continuing economic distress have become big issues in Africa.

Robust political responses based on strong social support are crucial to meeting these challenges, but action by the entrepreneurs will also be critically important in changing the narrative.

This edition of Africa Entrepreneurship Summit is set out to challenge the thinking of participants to reimagining entrepreneurship. We believe entrepreneurs can do a great job in solving pressing issues of concern in the continent without sacrificing their pursuit of profit. Our research has shown that this could be the fastest route to development.

Accra Ghana 2021


AES 2021

Africa Entrepreneurship Summit is a pioneering mobilization of young African entrepreneurs, and other stake holders to discuss the principles, policies and partnerships needed in this challenging new context.

It is essential for African Entrepreneurs to work together for a more inclusive, cohesive and sustainable Africa.

The 2021 Africa Entrepreneurship Summit scheduled to hold in Accra is expected to bring together +1000 attendees including entrepreneurs across Ghana, government agencies, technology firms and investors, to ensure that the audience hear from the key players responsible for moving entrepreneurship forward and gain in-depth industry knowledge and expert market insights.

 1 Theme – 15 Speakers -Unlimited strategic alliances

The Strategic Networking Experience


AES 2021

Maximizing your chance to meet and do business with the people that are most important to you, is top priority for us at The Africa Entrepreneurship Summit.

We want to ensure that you make the most of your time during the Summit – we can help you with introductions, setting up meetings and providing you a private space to share ideas and do business.

We provide attendees with a pre scheduled programme of meetings, ensuring a more effective and efficient use of your time.  Prescheduled meetings provide a time and resource efficient way for you to meet possible investors, appraise new opportunities and assess potential partners. The intimate format of meeting 1-2-1 allows for more in-depth conversation and close collaboration.

We make introductions to structure and optimize your time on location. We assist our clients before, during and after our events enabling access to good deal flow and potential clients. We commit our time to  facilitating profitable relationships at the summit.


Draft Agenda


AES 2021

The entrepreneurs masterclass


June 30, 2021

The Master Class is a thought-provoking part of the Africa Entrepreneurship Summit. These sessions will be a series of intimate explorations into what makes Entrepreneurship work

Facilitators include renowned Strategy Consultant and Speaker, Dr Brian Reuben, Spenser Koranke, Benjamin Kofi Quansa among others.

The Entrepreneurs Masterclass introduces you to the entrepreneurial journey, from finding an idea, to gaining traction in the marketplace, to raising capital for your venture. You will learn an overarching framework—People, Opportunity, Context, Deal—to evaluate opportunities, manage start-ups, and finance ventures. That framework has been taught to thousands at Business Schools over the years.

This Masterclass will help you understand how entrepreneurs run structured experiments to validate ideas and refine business strategy. You will dive deep into the numbers behind how entrepreneurs and their investors make financial decisions to create value and grow their operations. Whether you are a current or aspiring entrepreneur or someone who is looking to gain an understanding of how businesses are built.



Meet our

Dr. Brian Reuben
Global Strategy Thought Leader
Dr McDan McKorley
Entrepreneur and Business Leader
Benjamin Kofi Quansah
Certified trainer and speaker
Esenam Nyador
Founder of Miss Taxi Ghana
Spencer Koranke
Lead Consultant, Mpact Lane
Ms Emaline Datey
Certified trainer and speaker
Franklin Owusu-karikari
Director Of NEIP Office of the President, Ghana

Work with us



Become a Speaker/Trainer

You can become a speaker or trainer for the Africa Entrepreneurship Summit or Masterclass if you are a subject matter expert. Available areas of speaking include:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Digital and Information Technology
  • Big Data
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Opportunity is also available to organisations that have solutions that can support African Entrepreneurs to do a presentation of their solutions at the Summit.

Becoming a speaker/trainer gives you the chance to make an irreversible contribution in the growth of the African economy.

Collaborate with us

We understand that we have a big dream and such can only be realized through the collaboration and support of people of like mind.

We are keen to amplify our impact in collaboration with investors, international organizations, nonprofits, governments, and corporations committed to the growth of the African economy


Partners and Collaborators