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LAS 2021

The Leadership Agenda Summit brings together committed, passionate and genuine change seekers from all walks of life.

It offers participants the opportunity to gain fresh insights and wider perspective to our common problems in the world, opportunity for collaboration with people of like minds solving problems and charting frontiers at continental and global scale and access to decision makers in private and public organizations.

This edition of the Summit will hold online live and transmitted to a live audience through all social media platforms, satellite TV and local and internet radio stations.


What to expect in 2021

Actionable content

We ensure we produce a carefully curated agenda that delivers relevant, stimulating content designed to address the real challenges organizations, nations and the world face.

Gain a clear perspective on how to confront threatening issues in your community or organisation with the certainty of success. Gain fresh insights on how to increase your value to the world and make remarkable impact in your community.

Strategic Networking

Contact us ahead of time to understand your needs and arrange meetings between you and people who might be interested in working with you. Once you register, you can reach out to our friendly team to discuss your interest and request a strategic meeting.

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LAS 2021 Agenda

Theme: When Things Fall Apart

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LAS 2021

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The Brian Reuben Organizations believes in that things change when people take action. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people with the skills and tools they need to respond appropriately to the problems they find in their world. We know that to be the timeless power that moves the world’

Our work is made possible by exceptional people who commit their time, talent and finances to keep the vision alive and we would be glad to have you join us.

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Change only happens when people take action towards the issues they face as a people. We want to help more people understand why the people in every generation is the only hope of that generation and empower them to TAKE ACTION for change