The Nigeria Forum

The 2024 Nigeria Forum aims to delve deeper into crucial issues and contribute to evidence-based policy making for the country's progress.


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Featured Speakers

Chairman, The Sixteenth Council

Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Chairman, Tekedia Capital, USA​

Wole Abu

CEO, Liquid Intelligence Technologies, Nigeria

About the summit


The Nigeria Forum, now in its second edition, continues to be an influential platform that brings researchers and policymakers together to engage in meaningful conversations about Nigeria’s challenges and opportunities. Building on the success of the previous edition, the 2024 Nigeria Forum aims to delve deeper into crucial issues and contribute to evidence-based policy making for the country’s progress.

Organized by Dr Brian Reuben and the Sixteenth Council, an international think tank,  the Nigeria Forum’s credibility stems from its commitment to promoting rigorous research, fostering intellectual discourse, and bridging the gap between academia, government, and other relevant stakeholders.

The primary objective of the 2024 Nigeria Forum is to address the critical issues facing Nigeria’s economy. Nigeria stands at a critical juncture, with immense potential yet facing pressing challenges. The country’s innovative tech sectors, dynamic young population, and rising global interest in its markets offer a promising foundation. However, the nation must address pressing issues such as high inflation, unemployment, foreign exchange constraints, insecurity, unsustainable debt, and the lack of opportunities for its youth.

The key to unlocking Nigeria’s true potential lies in harnessing its strengths, stabilising the economy, navigating global volatility, addressing the climate crisis, and empowering the country’s youth to drive sustainable and inclusive growth.

The Nigeria Forum serves as a platform to begin finding these answers. This prestigious event brings together policymakers, business leaders, financiers, and visionaries to engage in crucial dialogues and networking aimed at transforming Nigeria’s challenges into opportunities.

Together, stakeholders can devise strategies to harness Nigeria’s inherent strengths, stabilize the economy, navigate the complexities of the global landscape, tackle the climate crisis, and unleash the power of the country’s young population to propel sustainable and inclusive development.

In addition to economic challenges, the 2024 Nigeria Forum also aims to tackle issues related to democracy and governance. Recognizing the vital role of good governance and robust democratic institutions in Nigeria’s stability and development, researchers and policymakers will gather at the forum to discuss governance models, electoral reforms, human rights, transparency, and accountability. By fostering dialogue and sharing international best practices, the Nigeria Forum seeks to strengthen democratic institutions and promote good governance within the country.

the 2024 Nigeria Forum, now in its second edition, continues to serve as a vital platform for researchers and policymakers to address Nigeria’s challenges and explore its opportunities. By focusing on crucial issues such as economy, democracy, geopolitics, security, technology, and health, the forum aims to contribute to evidence-based policy making and the development of strategies for Nigeria’s sustainable development and global engagement.

2024 Themes


The NG Forum 2024

Economic Resilience and Diversification: Focus on strategies for sustainable economic growth, job creation, and diversification amidst global changes and post-pandemic recovery.

Governance and Democracy Strengthening: Address governance reforms, electoral integrity, human rights, and accountability to enhance democratic institutions and governance in Nigeria.

Energy Transition and Adaptation: Examine Nigeria’s energy policy in light of the global shift towards electric vehicles and renewable energy sources. Discuss strategies to manage the transition from fossil fuels considering Nigeria has proven oil reserves of approximately 37.0 billion, ranking as the  tenth largest in the world

Technology, Health, and Sustainable Development: Discuss the transformative potential of technology for development, improving healthcare delivery, and transitioning to clean energy sources for sustainable development.

In Person




In Person

Summit Plan


The NG Forum 2024

The Summit will officially kick-off on the morning of the 7th of October. The summit will be multi-tracked, delving into each of the strands of the Summit DNA.

The evening will feature the prestigious Distinguished Leadership Awards. The Awards represents a benchmark of excellence for individuals and organisations demonstrating commitment to Nigeria’s Development across industries. Recognising and honouring the individuals and companies who, over the years, have been at the forefront of first-class value creation, innovation, or exceptional financial and operating performance.

The Awards also celebrates the executives who continue to change the face of their industry demonstrating outstanding leadership and performance.

It is a core social gathering once a year with a bang, it’s not to be missed!

This will not only be an opportunity to celebrate excellence but it will also give delegates the opportunity to experience the rich culture, heritage and hospitality that London is famous for.

It also offers a unique opportunity for speakers, guests and delegates from across the business and political worlds to come together in a less formal manner and continue the conversations of the day in a more social and relaxed setting.

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The NG Forum 2024

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The NG Forum 2024