LONDON, May 5, 2024 – The highly anticipated Nigeria Forum, now in its second edition, is set to convene in London, drawing together influential stakeholders, policymakers, researchers, and industry leaders from across the globe. Organized by Dr. Brian Reuben and the Sixteenth Council, an esteemed international think tank, the forum aims to tackle critical issues facing Nigeria’s economy, democracy, security, technology, health, and sustainable development.

With the theme “Navigating Nigeria’s Future: From Challenges to Opportunities,” the 2024 Nigeria Forum promises to be a platform for rigorous research, intellectual discourse, and actionable insights aimed at shaping evidence-based policy making for Nigeria’s progress. Building on the success of its inaugural edition, this year’s forum seeks to delve deeper into pressing issues and chart a course for sustainable and inclusive development in Nigeria.

Key Themes and Agenda Highlights:

•   Economic Resilience and Diversification: Strategies for sustainable economic growth, job creation, and diversification amidst global changes and post-pandemic recovery.
•   Governance and Democracy Strengthening: Addressing governance reforms, electoral integrity, human rights, and accountability to enhance democratic institutions and governance.
•   Regional Leadership and Security: Exploring Nigeria’s role in regional dynamics, foreign policy, regional security challenges, counter-terrorism strategies, and international cooperation.
•   Technology, Health, and Sustainable Development: Harnessing technology for development, improving healthcare delivery, and transitioning to clean energy sources for sustainable development.

The draft agenda features keynote addresses, panel discussions, and networking opportunities designed to foster dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of best practices. Sessions will focus on economic diversification, governance reform, regional cooperation, technology innovation, healthcare delivery, and the energy transition.

Why London?

London, as a global hub for finance, diplomacy, and academia, provides an ideal setting for the Nigeria Forum 2024. Its neutral and cosmopolitan environment encourages open and constructive dialogue on sensitive issues, while offering access to leading expertise, resources, and diplomatic networks. By hosting the forum in London, organizers aim to showcase Nigeria’s potential, attract investment, and foster valuable partnerships to support Nigeria’s sustainable development and global engagement.


The Nigeria Forum 2024 represents a pivotal moment for Nigeria, as stakeholders come together to navigate the country’s future amidst pressing challenges and abundant opportunities. By leveraging the global prominence, expertise, and resources available in London, the forum aims to drive tangible impact and contribute to Nigeria’s sustainable development and global engagement.

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