Brian Reuben Policy Group

Brian Reuben Policy Group is an international policy organization and think tank focusing on strengthening public and private institutions through strategic engagements with Governments, Corporations and NonProfits. We offer solutions to global challenges and actively seek to empower leaders to take action to improve communities, nations and the world through publications, events and advisory.

We provide a platform for leaders globally to engage large, diverse audiences in discussions on important issues about government and governance, geopolitics, security, terrorism, tech and innovation, global health, energy transition and more.

Our mission is anchored on the fundamental understanding that societies evolve and develop as men and women in each generation understand and take responsibility for the problems they find in their society.

We believe that everyone is accountable to all parts of society, and so are the organizations within the society and nations. The world therefore needs leaders that have a clear definition of their responsibility to the world and are prepared to deliver leadership based on this fundamental idea.

By engaging leaders globally on our platform through our various projects we seek to inspire conversations that connect leaders around the world to a shared sense of responsibility and help build collaborations that make a difference

We convene high level policy and research events with business and political leaders, leading thought leaders and policy makers around the world in our commitment to building a just and free world.