Brian Reuben Projects International

Brian Reuben Projects International is a mission-driven organization that focuses on strategic interventions to address pressing political, economic, and socio-cultural challenges around the world. Through collaborative partnerships with individuals, corporate organizations, and governments, the organization works closely with communities to conceive, develop, and deliver projects that advance scholarship, improve learning, and promote entrepreneurship. Brian Reuben Projects International is dedicated to fostering positive change and driving sustainable development in communities across the globe.

This is anchored on the fundamental knowledge that societies evolve and develop as men and women in each generation understand and pursue the intent of the marker of the world and take responsibility for the problems they find in their society. We therefore seek to bring clarity to different people all over the world through summits and conferences, publications, television programs and mentorships.

Through these strategic activities we mobilize leaders to take action against ideologies that put a limitation to human freedom and promote and support ideologies that extend and expand freedom. By widening the perspectives and deepening the understanding of people, they gain clarity which increases and enhances their productivity. 


At the heart of our mission is a deep belief that the advancement of societies rests on the growth and development of its citizens. Through initiatives like the Brian Reuben School Tour, we seek to actively engage with students across different communities, inspiring them to take their education seriously and empowering them to become agents of positive change. 

Beyond just working directly with students, we also recognize the critical role that governments play in shaping educational systems. As such, we actively advocate for increased investment and support for education, working collaboratively with policymakers to help drive systemic improvements that enable more people to access quality learning opportunities.


While many tend to equate democracy solely with the electoral process, we hold a more expansive view. At the Brian Reuben Projects International we, understand democracy as a way of life, where citizens are actively engaged in the decision-making that shapes their communities and countries. 

Through the Democracy Beyond Elections project, we work to deepen this understanding, hosting trainings, workshops, and town halls that empower people to take greater responsibility for the issues affecting their societies. By widening perspectives and fostering a culture of active civic participation, the aim is to strengthen democratic institutions and ensure they remain responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people.

Entrepreneurship Development

Recognizing that increased productivity and economic opportunity are crucial for sustainable development, we place a strong emphasis on supporting entrepreneurship. 

On one hand, we advocate for governments to invest in the necessary infrastructure and incentives that enable more people to pursue their business ambitions. At the same time, we also provide direct support to young entrepreneurs through tailored trainings and workshops. The goal is to help these aspiring business leaders gain the clarity, knowledge, and networks they need to turn their ideas into thriving enterprises.


Underpinning all of these focus areas is a fundamental belief that societies evolve and progress when people take responsibility for addressing the challenges they face. By mobilizing leaders, widening perspectives, and fostering a culture of action, Brian Reuben Projects International aims to be a catalyst for positive, lasting change in communities around the world.