Brian Reuben Projects are Dr Brian Reuben intervention to political, economic and socio-cultural issues around the world. In partnership with individuals, corporate organizations and governments around the world, the purpose of Brian Reuben Projects is to deliver and extend freedom to hundreds of millions of people around the world through the advancement of scholarship; development tools and frameworks; and training and mentoring of leaders in private and public service.

The Project is anchored on the fundamental knowledge that societies evolve and develop as men and women in each generation understand and pursue the intent of the marker of the world and take responsibility for the problems they find in their society. We therefore seek to bring clarity to different people all over the world through summits and conferences, publications, television programs and mentorships.

Through these strategic activities we mobilize leaders to take action against ideologies that put a limitation to human freedom and promote and support ideologies that extend and expand freedom. By widening the perspectives and deepening the understanding of people, they gain clarity which increases and enhances their productivity. 

The Brian Reuben Organization has recently undertaken the development of a leadership development center called the Global Leadership Development Center. This center which will be built in the United States of America with satellite centers around the world will be a place where governments, corporate organisations, societies and individuals can find the tools and resources they require to reinvent their nations, organisations and societies for greater productivity. This project is currently at it’s architectural stage of development.

The solutions Brian Reuben Organisation offers and promotes under the Project are practical, scientific and research based.


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Esenam Nyador
Africa Entrepreneurship summit
Benjamin Kofi Quansah
Africa Entrepreneurship summit
Brian Reuben
Africa Entrepreneurship Summit
Franklin Owusu-karikari
National Entrepreneurship and Innovation program(NEIP)