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Nigeria At Inflection Point

27th January, 2023

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LAS 2023

Conversations, Connections
and Collaborations for
a New Nigeria!


2023 represents an inflection point for Africa as Nigeria makes an important decision about the future of the most populous black nation in an intensely contested election.

Nigeria occupies a special place in Africa being Africa’s biggest economy. As Nigeria faces deepening frictions and fractures, the Leadership Agenda Summit(Nigeria edition) will be the starting point for a new era of leadership responsibility and cooperation for Nigeria. The ideas and insights generated at the Leadership Agenda Summit will provide a clear roadmap for the new government in Nigeria and a hope for a great Nigeria.

Leadership Agenda Summit 2023 Nigeria edition will provide a unique collaborative environment to reconnect, share insights, refresh perspectives, and build problem-solving communities and initiatives.

” We approach the design of the Summit each year with sophistication, discipline and most importantly, shared vision. ”

— Dr Brian Reuben Host, LAS

About The Summit


LAS 2023

Leadership Agenda Summit connects leaders to each other and to their partners in the services, finance, government and investment worlds. It delivers a very influential network of leaders from around the world.

Our focus is on providing insights and relationships that lead to strategic collaborations. Working with leaders and leading organizations around the world these insights and relationships lead to policies, products and services that improve the state of the world.

We aim to inspire responsible leadership, facilitate new investments, encourage business development, share best practices, guarantee peer-to-peer networking, offer new insights, showcase excellence and promote thought leadership across the world.

We approach the design of the Summit each year with sophistication, discipline and most importantly, shared vision. In 2023 the Summit will be held in four different locations on different dates: Nigeria, United States, India and the United Kingdom.

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In Person

Summit Plan


LAS 2023

The Summit will officially kick-off on the morning of the 27th of January. The summit will be multi-tracked, delving into each of the strands of the Summit DNA.

The evening will feature a unique award ceremony and Honorary Doctorate Degree Award of the American Management University. This will not only be an opportunity to celebrate excellence but it will also give delegates the opportunity to experience the rich culture, heritage and hospitality that Lagos Nigeria is famous for.

It also offers a unique opportunity for speakers, guests and delegates from across the business and political worlds to come together in a less formal manner and continue the conversations of the day in a more social and relaxed setting.

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LAS 2023

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LAS 2023