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Brian Reuben Organisation is an international policy organization and think tank focusing on strengthening public and private institutions through strategic engagements with Governments, Corporations and NonProfits. We offer solutions to global challenges and actively seek to empower leaders to take action to improve communities, nations and the world through publications, events and advisory.

We provide a platform for leaders globally to engage large, diverse audiences in discussions on important issues about government and governance, geopolitics, security, terrorism, tech and innovation, global health, energy transition and more.

Our mission is anchored on the fundamental understanding that societies evolve and develop as men and women in each generation understand and take responsibility for the problems they find in their society.

We believe that everyone is accountable to all parts of society, and so are the organizations within the society and nations. The world therefore needs leaders that have a clear definition of their responsibility to the world and are prepared to deliver leadership based on this fundamental idea.

By engaging leaders globally on our platform through our various projects we seek to inspire conversations that connect leaders around the world to a shared sense of responsibility and help build collaborations that make a difference.

Our Founder's Philosophy



‘The business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation.’ – Peter Drucker

For over two decades, Dr Brian Reuben has been passionately committed to building a better world by empowering businesses and governments to deliver sustainable value. Dr Brian believes that the world only moves forward by the choices, decisions and actions of men and women through history who took upon themselves the responsibility of solving problems in the society. Not primarily out of the desire for profit by or power but as a response to human pain and the resolve to elevate and expand human freedom.

This ideology it is that has lit our streets, built bridges to let trade and commerce thrive and laid pipes to let water flow. For Dr Reuben, leadership is about delivering and extending freedom not pursuing profits and power. Power and/or profit should be an outcome rather than goals. Dr Brian agrees with Peter Drucker when he said, ‘the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation.’ Every innovation whether in process or product extends the boundary of human freedom. But innovation is always an act of commitment to giving more value because it makes huge demands on leadership. Yet such commitment it is, that has brought us this far.

All nations and organizations throughout history which pursued their affairs with this philosophy have always prospered beyond limits. We however in our day see these ideals which have sustained progress and liberty slipping through our hands today. The resolve to help leaders elevate their perspective and commit to this ideology of delivering freedom is the philosophy upon which the leadership of Dr Brian Reuben is based. In pursuit of this objective he has mentored, adviced and trained leaders in the private and public sectors around the world, guiding the decision making of several organizations and governments on how they maximize opportunities and do more. Dr Reuben continues to demonstrate leadership through various projects and interventions working with individuals, organizations and governments around the world.

Collaborate with Us

Our Global Leadership Center is designed as an exclusive center for leaders and policy makers to refine their leadership capacity through training, advisory and mentorship programs.

Contact us to share your ideas with the Global Leadership Center construction manager as they build a global and local team.

Support Our Work

Help us inspire, equip and connect people to take action on local and global issues all over the world.

Change only happens when people take action towards the issues they face as a people. We want to help more people understand why the people in every generation is the only hope of that generation and empower them to TAKE ACTION for change the world.

Upcoming Events

Leadership Agenda Summit (Global Edition)

Leadership Agenda Summit(Global Edition) is the global platform for world leaders, innovators, CEOs, and policy makers to review the crucial challenges facing our world today and find the new solutions to create a world that can work for everyone. At a time of rapid change when fresh ideas have never been more important, Brian Reuben Organisation draws upon its global reach to examine issues from different perspectives, bringing passion, experience, and expertise to forge a new path forward in global leadership. Leadership Agenda Summit connects leaders, and in turn their organizations, to each other and to their partners in the services, finance, government and investment worlds. The Summit delivers a very influential network of leaders from around the world. To learn more please visit

Rebuilding Social Trust in Global Leadership

Leaders face a crisis of trust, with government, business, political parties and civil society leaders losing the faith of citizens, consumers and communities at a time when social cohesion is crucial to a nations growth and development. What must leaders do to gain the trust of the people? To participate please email

Take the Lead




The world is passing through some very difficult times. We have never needed a stronger leadership in our communities than we do today. Take care of yourself; take care of your loved ones. Then do more and be more by stepping up to lead so your community.

Here are some resources to help you get started

  1. Organize Children Essay Writing Competition.

    Children Essay Writing Competition is designed to challenge the leadership potentials of Children all over the world.

    Click here to download template.

  2. Leader Shower

    A Leader Shower is a Dr Brian Reuben concept designed to offer support to people (especially young people) stepping up to lead change in the society. It could be you are starting a new business that will help the community move forward or you are mobilizing support for a community project. Like Baby Shower, Leader Shower is a way for your loved ones to come together to express their joy at your courage to lead. It’s a time for friends and family to share time with you, listen to your story and to shower you with gifts, love, and good wishes.

    Click here to download out template for your Leader Shower.

  3. Speak Up

    Help create awareness about the common problems in your community or share your thoughts and provide expert advice about ideas that will work.

    Start a radio talk show, blog or podcast. Somebody is listening, their is help someone. Start the song and someone will join the chorus.

    Click here to download template on Speak Out

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