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Our readers are decision making business executives, investors and political leaders in Africa or with interest in Africa.

 Moving Africa forward requires effective decisions. Some of these decisions require a great deal of courage and strength. Decision makers interested in Africa locally and internationally require accurate and reliable information to guide their choices.

Reporters Africa is a news company under development focused on  reporting only verified and authentic information that decision makers can count on. It is 100 percent online based with a global perspective and world class journalism.

Our operations will be guided by integrity, sincerity, professionalism and love.

Reporters Africa is focused on serving the interest of decision makers who need real unedited reports about politics and business in Africa.

The mission is to report events after verifying they are accurate. While we will strive to break timely news, such news shall not appear on our website until they are verified to be authentic.

Reporters Africa is registered as a non profit organization depending on partnerships, sponsorships and donations.

Our reporters and writers consist of paid and volunteers who believe in authentic journalism and commit to reporting only verified information that decision makers can trust.

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